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Gris-Gris the Friendly Swamp Monster

Brock Boutte is a first-time author. The idea for Gris-Gris and the Cypress Tree was sparked by his wife’s dream to illustrate a story about their beloved home state. The use of rhymes and repetition in the story lead the reader on a whimsical journey through a mysterious swamp that is decorated with Louisiana state symbols. With a background in marketing, Brock manages ART BY CHRISTY GALLERY, a successful enterprise that showcases Christy’s original art and prints. He is also the proud father of Bryce, to whom the book is dedicated.

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Christy Works-Boutte is a renowned Deaf artist that has captured the essence of Louisiana through paintings that reflect the customs, culture, and flavor of her state. For more than a decade, she has been the featured poster artist at Louisiana festivals such as the Gretna Heritage Festival, French Quarter Festival, Crescent City Classic, New Orleans Wine and Food Experience, International Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo and Satchmo Summerfest to name a few. The words of Gris-Gris and the Cypress Tree come to life as Christy’s unique painting style, in which she uses a palette knife with thick oil paints, is revealed on each page. Through the turn of every page, the reader is enticed by the colorful, vibrant images that lead Gris-Gris through a walk of Louisiana state symbols. Christy is a devoted mother to Bryce, the inspiration for her illustrations.
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